Western Dressage Test Now Offered At Cabarrus Saddle Club Shows

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This dynamic program implements Natural Horsemanship techniques as the foundation training.  These techniques will address a horses mental and emotional state before being ridden under saddle.  This foundation creates a calm, confident horse and rider that can go forward with physical rhythm and relaxation.    
Rhythm and relaxation are the key to the very foundation of the dressage training scale that begins with the horse being ridden in rhythm and relaxation 
  The Natural Horsemanship aspect approaches the horse’s mental and emotional well being.  This is necessary for the physical demands of dressage.  This is what makes Dressage 4 Delight unique.  We are always looking to the horse’s mental emotional condition as a pre-requisite for the physical training. 
As the Rider learns how to create mental and emotional relaxation in their horse, their personal confidence grows at an amazing rate.   Often very timid riders will blossom into a new level of confidence they had previously thought unobtainable.
Now we are ready for the exciting journey of developing a wonderful dressage team.  Dressage 4 Delight will follow the classical dressage fundamentals using the training scale listed above, but returning to and using Natural Horsemanship when necessary to regain a mentally and emotionally relaxed horse.